Appleseed Partners is based in Austin, Texas. We've assisted both small and mid-size companies in Texas and California. Our goal is to provide smart, practical marketing strategy and execution services that have high impact. We put to work a combined 40 years of technology marketing experience, and also bring to the table our extended team of highly trained experts on design, online marketing, database development, search engine optimization, and more. With Appleseed there are no more random acts of marketing - only practical, measurable results.

Why are we doing this?
We are serious about technology marketing, and we love our kids. With Appleseed, we get to stay on the cutting edge of marketing, help several companies instead of just one, learn about new technologies and markets, and still take the little ones to Amy’s Ice Cream when the need arises!

Munira Fareed, Founder and Managing Partner

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Munira Fareed founded Appleseed Partners in 2001. She was most recently the vice president of marketing at LifeSize Communications, where she built the marketing organization and was responsible for worldwide marketing (demand generation, product management and marketing, channel marketing, telemarketing, and corporate marketing). Munira has also served as vice president of marketing for Ineto [now Siebel/Oracle], a virtual call-center SaaS provider for small and midsize businesses.

Prior to joining Ineto, Munira was responsible for product marketing and corporate communications at Netpliance, Inc., makers of the award-winning i-opener Internet appliance and service. Before joining Netpliance, she served as director of marketing at Trilogy Software, a leading provider of CRM software for the Global 2000. She also has held marketing strategy positions at Motorola, Inc. Munira holds an undergraduate degree in computer science and economics from Lafayette College, and an MBA from Cornell University.


  • Positioning and messaging
  • Demand generation planning
  • Marketing and sales funnels and measurement
  • PR, analyst, and investor relations
  • Marketing measurement and ROI
  • Closed loop marketing


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Maureen Carlson, Partner

Phone: 512.750.8984
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Maureen Carlson is a strategic product marketing and demand generation leader with more than 20 years of experience working with B2B technologies companies to help them launch, grow and expand their business.  She brings a unique combination of product marketing acumen, content development savvy, and creative approaches to demand generation to help companies drive growth and revenue.

Maureen has been a partner at Appleseed Partners for more than 6 years.  She’s experienced at strategic messaging and positioning development, sales funnel planning, competitive analysis, content development; and all aspects of implementing B2B marketing, demand generation, lead nurture, and go-to-market strategies.  Before joining Appleseed Partners, Maureen held various senior product marketing and demand generation roles at LifeSize Communications (acquired by Logitech), Pervasive Software, Chicory Systems (acquired by Parthus Technologies), Tivoli Systems and VTEL Corporation.  She has managed large search engine marketing campaigns, closed loop lead generation programs, and has implemented digital marketing and PR strategies with clients. Maureen is an experienced database marketer and has grown several client databases by tenfold or more with high quality and excellent conversion results, and assists clients with the selection and ongoing management of sales and marketing automation platforms.

Maureen has been the chief researcher for five extensive research studies in the areas of product portfolio management, innovation and resource management.   Her research has been published and cited globally, and she has blogged and written several articles on the topics.  Maureen has a BS/BA from Bowling Green State University. 


  • Product marketing: segmentation, messaging and positioning, and competitive analysis
  • Marketing to sales funnel and measurement
  • Demand generation planning, budgeting, development, implementation, e-nurturing
  • Content development: white papers, case studies, data sheets, business brief, research reports
  • Digital and social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogging
  • Search engine marketing and optimization
  • Web site design strategy, content development
  • Sales and Marketing Automation planning and implementation
  • Marketing database management
  • Market research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Making startups appear big and healthy, even when there are only a few people behind the scenes